• C H
    C H

    Both our kids went to HPPS and had an excellent experience. They were more than prepared for Kindergarten and made lots of lifelong friends.

  • Tyler Dierkers
    Tyler Dierkers

    We are so thankful for HPPS! Our family spent 8 years there and our 2 kids had the absolute best experience. From 3 months old to off to Kindergarten, they grew and loved every aspect of HPPS. Socially, educational and behaviorally they received the best experience and whenever a situation arose, the teachers and administrators at HPPS were open and honest with our communication. We highly recommend Hyde Park Play School!!

  • How to even begin? The staff, curriculum and overall experience at HPPS is one that could not be replicated. We could not have foreseen so much of what we experienced in our 4 years here and now that my little one is moving on to Kindergarten I think we'll have pangs for what was even as we look brightly into the future. The friendships we collectively developed are more than worth their weight many times over, and I strongly recommend if you're not signed up, you take this as a sign to do so. We were ecstatic the day we got the call, that we had a spot and the nearly daily ritual of pulling up into the semi-circle for drop off and its mirror image on the way home resulted in a myriad of interesting conversations around what happened at school that day. There were always compelling topics, songs, and learning that proved beyond any doubt, that they were indeed making lots of progress. This may have all culminated at the graduation this year where I definitely "had something in my eye" as they processed out to Pomp & Circumstance with their little mortar boards, names read aloud and collected their "certificates of completion". They sang to the crowd about all they had learned and I for one was overcome with emotion. This was followed up by turning their room into an "Airport" followed by "visits" to new countries each week. It has stoked the travel bug in my little one who now wants to visit the Eiffel Tower. All that to say that to a person, every staff member is caring and kind and will do their best to get your child ready for the next stage of life, of that I have no doubt. All I can offer you are our experiences, but I for one have no hesitation whatsoever about recommending HPPS to ANY family.

  • Kevin Flaherty
    Kevin Flaherty

    We sent 3 children here for years and loved how HPPS took care of our kids like they would their own. The mgmt is committed to providing a great experience and the families are a great community!

  • Amy Kletz
    Amy Kletz

    All 3 of my kids have attended here from infant years through preschool and I couldn't have asked for a better experience! Loved the teachers/staff and the management. The preschool rooms really prepared my kids well for kindergarten. I was also impressed during the COVID times with their policies put in place to keep the kids and staff healthy.

  • My son attended HPPS 4 years ago for his final year of preschool. I must say I was very impressed with the level of attention given to all of the children attending. The staff is extremely knowledgeable and puts forth effort to ensure each child receives the best education that is offered for their level. The classrooms are a nice size for each teacher to child ratio. I love the fact that the teachers and staff have been with the school for a long time, so no high turnover. Also you don’t have to worry about lunch as it’s included in the tuition. They even have mini concerts of all the songs learned and graduations for each child that proceeds to Kindergarten. The teachers are dedicated to each child’s success at it definitely shows. I couldn’t be more happier and proud of my son attending Hyde Park Play School. I’d highly recommend anyone to send their children here.