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Hyde Park Play School

Welcome to Hyde Park Play School

Welcome to Hyde Park Play School

Welcome to Hyde Park Play SchoolWelcome to Hyde Park Play SchoolWelcome to Hyde Park Play School




You'll find a personalized, stimulating program, with plenty of attention to safety and a secure environment that meets your child's individual needs and schedule. 

With a 1:4 child/teacher ratio, our infants enjoy a complete and balanced routine, filled with age-appropriate toys and activities, along with outdoor time and a walk in our stroller. 

Our infant teachers are warm, nurturing, and experienced. Progress sheets are provided to track your child's daily experience. 

We provide crib sheets and blankets, and table food for our older infants. 

Infant programs are full-time only



Our toddlers enjoy personalized care, a balanced program and an enriched learning environment. Our toddlers experience a 1:5 child/teacher ratio

The toddler program is theme-based and includes developmental activities such as puzzles, blocks, music, riding toys, dramatic play, sand, and water. We also have science and math activities, art, reading readiness, introduction to Spanish, Sign Language, and Yoga. 

We invite community helpers to enhance our programs such as librarians, magicians, firefighters, Honey Hill Farm animals, guest readers, and many more. Our Toddlers participate in our Spring Fling, Swim days, Summer Ice Cream Social, Fall Fest, and our Winter Blast, along with many other celebrations throughout the year.

Part of the daily activities includes morning and afternoon outdoor time (weather-permitting) in our well-equipped play area.

We provide morning and afternoon snacks, and a hot lunch. Full and part-time programs are available for our toddlers. 



Our preschool and pre-kindergarten programs feature the same activities and events as the toddler program in addition to Museum on Wheels and School House Symphony. Children will experience a curriculum charged with creativity and imagination. 

With a 1:10 child/teacher ratio, our preschool children are exposed to a loving warm atmosphere, along with theme-based programs (see toddler program). We also offer learning, art, science, and dramatic play stations. Preschoolers work one-on-one with our Enrichment teacher as well as in small groups to enhance their reading readiness and other kindergarten skills. Preschoolers will also enjoy the school visitors. 

Your child's daily pre-school experience will include social interaction and hands-on activities that combine learning with play. 

Part of the daily activities includes morning and afternoon outdoor time (weather-permitting) in our well-equipped play area.

We provide a morning and afternoon snack, along with a hot lunch. Pre-school programs are available full or part-time


Our primary goal is to provide a loving and nurturing atmosphere for our children, with experiences that are fun, creative and educational, while encouraging their creative energy and developing their social skills. As early childhood educators, we aspire to achieve happy faces, busy hands and active minds. 

About Us



Although our School has been in operation since 1949, our family has owned and operated Hyde Park Play School since 1980. Over the years, our School has grown and developed, just as our family has, right before our eyes. As early childhood educators, we offer programs and curriculum that are developmentally appropriate for the children entrusted to our care. As owner, and administrators of Hyde Park Play School, our most important job is to help the children in our School meet their full potential in every area of development. As a family, we continually strive to offer childcare that is nurturing, loving, and warm. 



  • Conveniently located in the heart of a quiet, residential area
  • Safe and protected environment
  • Security cameras, locked doors with keypad entries, and audio/video monitored rooms 
  • Licensed for 163 children
  • Infant, toddler, Pre-school, and Pre-K programs from 6:30 a.m. to 6:00 p.m Monday through Friday
  • Year round care

Fast Facts


  • Established 1949
  • Family owned and operated since 1980
  • State licensed
  • Members of NAEYC and CAEYC 
  • Degreed, certified and experienced staff
  • Full and part-time care
  • Introduction to computers
  • Introduction to Spanish – Sign Language - Yoga
  • Annual progress reports
  • Open-door policies for enrolled children
  • Special on-site field trips
  • Large, well-equipped outdoor playground



In 1980, with years of experience in childcare and a vision, Nancy Philpot took ownership of Hyde Park Play School. Her daughters, Michelle Trotta and Amy Fehrenbach, armed with educational and certified backgrounds in Early Childhood Education, joined her. In 1989, after completing her education in Early  Childhood and Elementary Education, establishing a successful full-day kindergarten program at Guardian Angels School and teaching for 5 years, Laurie Philpot came aboard. In 2011, after receiving a Bachelor of Science in Early Childhood Education Andrea Philpot, Laurie's daughter-in-law, established the preschool program at Guardian Angels School after teaching there for 2 years she came aboard. With combined experience, education, dedication, and eleven children of our own, we steadily grew from a small childcare facility caring for a handful of children, to a successful learning facility with eleven operating classrooms for infants, toddlers and preschool-aged children.

Today, after more than 40 years, Michelle, Amy, Laurie, and Andrea continue to work day to day, side by side to deliver, cultivate and maintain a program that provides our families and children with consistent and quality childcare and learning experiences. We have the unique opportunity and privilege to work together as administrators, friends and family. Our approach is personal, friendly and “hands on." Through providing information, effective modeling, working in classrooms, greeting and welcoming children and their families each day, we strive to create and sustain an atmosphere that is truly nurturing and loving.  Our goal, our mission and our passion remains the same- to work as a support team and family unit, sharing and planning, providing quality, personal and consistent care and learning opportunities.