3 Steps for Choosing the Right Daycare For You!

Wondering how to choose the right daycare center for you and your family? You don’t have to feel like you are in the dark when making this decision–there are some easy steps you can check off your daycare shopping list to help you determine which local daycare center is the best for your family.

3 Steps for Choosing the Right Daycare For You!


1. Figure Out Exactly What You Want in a Daycare Setup

Let’s hit some of the basics to start. Figuring out what you would like as generic musts in your childcare setup is the first step to finding the right daycare for your family.

Now is the time to decide if you would prefer/need a childcare center or an in-home daycare setup. 

You should also find out what kind of childcare licensing requirements your state requires. Knowing these requirements will help you determine the legitimate childcare setups, whether you are looking at in-home care or a daycare center.

Many childcare setups offer academic curriculums and other enrichment activities. You can ask different centers about what they offer when you talk to them during tours.

Figuring out some of these basics before visiting local daycare centers will help you when the time comes to decide which center is right for you and your child.

2. Find Local Childcare Centers

A quick Google search can help you find the local daycare establishments in your area. You can also ask other parents you know for recommendations for these local centers.

Finding local in-home childcare can also be from word-of-mouth or through online neighborhood networking sites like Nextdoor or neighborhood Facebook groups.

3. Set Up Tours with Your Top Daycare Choices

Once you have narrowed down your search, it’s time to call and see if they have available spaces for new kids. If they do, then you can book a tour of the daycare center.

Make sure you arrive for the tours prepared with a list of questions based on the wants to established in Step 1. You can ask about their licensing, their daily routine, and if they have health inspection reports you can review.

Touring each of your top choices will help you see which option is the best for you and your child. This research process will give you confidence in the choice for your child’s daycare needs!