3 Fun Ways to Help Your Child Be Ready To Go To a New Daycare

Starting your child in a new daycare–whether they are just transitioning or this is their first time–might seem like it’s going to be stressful. But there are fun ways that you can help your child be ready to go to their new daycare center!

Making the move to a new daycare the right way can help your child have an even better experience and adapt to their new routines more easily as well. Check out these 3 things you can do to help build up the hype about your family’s new childcare center for your little ones!

3 Fun Ways to Help Your Child Be Ready To Go To a New Daycare

Book a Tour!

Booking a tour of your new childcare center is a great way to build excitement in your little ones. When you bring your child(ren) with you on the child care tour, they will get a chance to visit their specific classroom, meet their specific teacher, and get to become familiar with other play spaces like a play garden or playground.

Start a New Routine, and Make It Fun!

New routines are often needed when you are transitioning into a new daycare center, so why not make it fun? As you build in essential routines like what time you will all wake up, have breakfast, and head out from home, incorporate fun aspects of the routine. These could be fun breakfast foods, reading a book before leaving, or listening to your little ones’ favorite songs in the car on the way to daycare.

Hype the Experience Up to Your Child

It’s natural for kids to have some nervousness about going to a new daycare, even if you are working to make the experience as smooth and easy for them as possible. Make sure you continue to build hype and excitement as you talk about daycare with your child. Tell them about all of the fun things they will do, how they will make friends, and how much they will enjoy their time there.

Getting your child mentally ready for their new daycare doesn’t have to be stressful or taxing–it really can be a lot of fun for both of you! So try some of these tips today if you are getting ready to transition your child into a new daycare today!